1. Bad Public Policy
    • The Everglades Foundation’s land grab isn’t about the Everglades … it’s all about politics, not science.
  2. $10B Restoration of the Everglades
    • Now in its final successful phase, let’s finish the $10B Everglades Restoration, instead of diverting money to buy unnecessary land.
  3. Cleaner Than Evian
    • Federally-mandated tests shows a 55% drop in phosphates and the water exceeding Federal water quality standards.

Stop The Land Grab.

Florida taxpayers, farmers, and businesses have spent more than $10B to restore and protect the Everglades, and another $1B worth of projects are under construction today. Tests show restoration is in its final stage.

Now, environmental special interests want to disrupt that project and spend $500M just to buy more land, even though doing so will do little or nothing to restore or protect the Everglades. There is NO science to support this land grab, and wasting $500M will divert money that could be better spent on real Restoration. We urge you to oppose this land grab and finish the real work of protecting and restoring the Everglades.

It is that simple.

The special interests who want to buy this land have no real plan for it. They just want it. It’s not suitable for a reservoir. It’s in the wrong location and would require as much as $2B to build a safe reservoir that would only store 100,000-200,000 acre feet of water. The estuary problem we are trying to solve is on the order of 4.5 MILLION acre feet. Buying the US Sugar option lands does not solve any significant problems and would consume HUGE financial resources.

Today, the Everglades water is cleaner than Evian.

evergladesIn addition to getting the timing, flow and distribution of the water right– as planned in the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) at a cost of over $10 billion–the state has invested more than $2 billion to improve the quality of water entering the Everglades. Environmentalists applauded Governor Scott’s plan to spend another $900 million for water quality, announced in partnership with EPA in 2012, and another $5 billion in work announced just this year.

The Federal/State Everglades Restoration, supported by sugar farmers, has reduced phosphorus levels in the water by 55%, compared to the legal requirement of 25%. Today, phosphorus levels throughout the Everglades National Park are only 4 parts per billion—which are historic lows! State standards for phosphorus are 10 parts per billion. Decades ago, phosphorus levels often reached triple digits.

The Everglades Foundation and their political vendetta.

Liberal bureaucrats at the Everglades Foundation, run by Charlie Christ’s right hand man, want to preserve their huge staff, big salaries, and massive expense accounts, are lying to the public about the Everglades Restoration, have mounted a disinformation campaign to confused the public.

Funded by a liberal New York hedge fund billionaire — with a murky past as a polluter — they’ve hired a high-level Obama political operative for their bogus campaign.

With Everglades Restoration nearly complete, they are struggling to stay relevant. By hijacking the estuary issue, they have found another “crisis” that will help them solicit funds.

Join with us and sign the petition and tell Joe Negron that we don’t need to waste billions of Florida’s tax payers money!